American Airlines Loses $20,000 Of NEKROGOBLIKON’s Gear, Offers Them Free Luggage As A Replacement

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Another week, another nightmare airline story. This time it’s all about American Airlines losing roughly $20,000 of Nekrogoblikon’s gear and then slapping them in the face with the offer of free luggage.

“Thanks American Airlines for damaging and losing over 20K of our gear! Let’s hope we can still play our shows this week you negligent pieces of shit,” wrote the band on their Twitter shortly before their July tour with Dropout Kings and Summoning The Lich. Of course American Airlines responded with a canned “let’s help”-type of message, followed by a nothing-burger of a DM that ultimately said “talk to someone else.”

Then came the fucking insane offer to give the band free luggage in place of $20,000 worth of gear. And again, I’m sure this just some automated message programmed by a company who doesn’t give a shit, but really? Free luggage in place of personal belonging?

The message read: “We apologize for any inconvenience in your travel experience and to quickly resolve this matter for you, we are pleased to offer you a quality replacement bag from one of our trusted business partners, Rynnls Luggage. Please use the unique link below that has been created especially for you to pick your new bag.”

To which Nekrogoblikon predictably responded, and without nearly as many expletives as you’d expect: “so after we filed a proper claim for the damaging of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of our gear, American Airlines has offered to compensate us with…free luggage bags? Go fuck yourselves”

As of now, Nekrogoblikon still doesn’t seem like they have their gear back and flying in the United States is still an abysmal nightmare. Doubly so if you’re a musician.

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